We do what now?

TOASTA is about real food and unreal taste, sandwiching old-school comfort food with new-school flavours. We took the finest produce and put it between the yummiest bread. We spent endless days and nights throwing the best stuff together to find the ultimate combinations, it was a hard task but someone had do it!

The thing about greatness is that it doesn’t stand still so we got all that goodness and we put wheels on it. We’ll give you the warm and fuzzies with our warm and gooeys and we’ll bring them to a neighbourhood near you.

What's up in TOASTA town?

Toasta goes bricks and mortar!

We're psyched to announce the opening of our first brick and mortar, 'TOASTA & Co.' (@toastaandco) - a true representation of our vision to help reconnect people with their inner child through nostalgic eating experiences.


Say Hi to our Pal Von Crumb!

TOASTA's little bro, Von Crumb, is now rolling round the streets of Melbourne! He's all about next level schnitzels, like you never had at home.


Want us Later? We Cater!

Hosting an event? That doesn't mean you have to play grown up! From birthday to weddings, corporate lunches to launch parties.. Whatever the event, show your crew how much you really care by showering them in the cheesy delight that is TOASTA!

TOASTA my party!

…Professional, reliable friendly and warm.. Every one of our guests were well fed and the food was absolutely divine.

- Carly Bateman